Welcome to our site! We are Nicole and Roberto, an adventurous couple who loves traveling, books and cooking.

We are looking to adopt a newborn baby (any race or gender) from anywhere around the United States. We are extremely open minded, compassionate to the challenges that life can throw at us.

June 2nd 2019

We are so excited to love and give endless cuddles, hugs, and affection.

We are so excited to become parents! We can’t wait to hear the voice of a child fill our home.

Follow us through social media and see what we are up to in our daily lives. Please feel free to contact us at any time by texting, private messaging, emailing, or calling.

Why are we adopting?

Adopting is our chosen way to become parents and start our family. Roberto and his brother are both adopted, so adoption has always been an important part of our family. We knew when we met early on that we would be adopting once we were ready to start our family and we are thrilled that the day has finally arrived. We are New York State certified to be adoptive parents.

Life is so full of possibilities, beauty and wonder; we want to do it all as family.

A child will make family traditions like the annual Christmas Cookie Party, summer blueberry picking, horseback riding, and exploring used book stores even more fun and interesting. Seeing the world through travel is something we are looking forward to experiencing with a child as they grow up learning about diverse cultures, foods, and people.

Thank you

We understand you have some tough choices to make and we want to tell you how sincerely grateful we are that you took the time to learn about us.