Home & Family

We would like to welcome you to explore further into who we are and the life we live. Our home and our family are foundations that we have worked very hard on building and maintaining. Now that we have our home finished, we are ready to start a family.

Meet Our Family

Our big family surrounds us every day and we love it. Both Roberto’s family and Nicole’s family spend a lot of time together and family is a corner stone of our lives. We are all super close and every single one of them are very excited for the adoption. Please come and learn more about our family.

See Our Home!

After years of renovations and construction, we turned an old house into our home, farm and photography studio. What an adventure that was.

Explore Our Community

We live in an amazing location in upstate NY with great schools and fun things to do. We specifically picked the town and area with the plan to raise a family here. We are also close enough to NYC for day trips! Come see our community.