Our Community

We could list all the interesting facts about the upstate New York town we live in, but honestly, it is what we do in our community that matters. We enjoy wine & food festivals, garden shows, carnivals, and the beautiful mountains where Nicole grew up – all within a short drive of our home.

Our community is unique in that it is rural but only a 10 minute drive from a diverse, urban city center. We have the best of both worlds. We live in a quiet neighborhood with a great school district, and are surrounded by local farms where we pick our own fruit throughout the year. We love supporting locally owned businesses including an amazing ice cream shop and a record store. The city hosts a variety of cultural festivals throughout the year and has a vibrant artistic community and a wonderful children’s museum.

Our community is not easily categorized, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love it and can’t wait to share it.