Meet Our Family

Nicole’s brothers, sisters, and nieces. October 2018: Left side top to bottom- Sam, Dasha, Sean, Kate, Anthony, Melissa and Emberlyn. Right side top to bottom- Roberto, Nicole, Dustin, Krisztina, and Eviana.

Our family is one big happy party. We all get along and love being together. I am not sure how we got so lucky, but we love this big family and everyone is so excited to welcome a new baby. They all support our adoption and are ready to help give lots of hugs and snuggles.

Nicole’s Family

Sean, Kate, Anthony, Melissa, Eviana, Roberto, Mom, Dad, Dustin.

Nicole comes from a big family. She is one of five children (Melissa, Nicole, Sam, Dustin, and Katelyn). All her siblings are married and there are two nieces running around as well. And of course, we can’t forget Nana. Her family gets together a lot because they all live nearby. They love to laugh, sit around a fire for hours and even go on vacation with each other. Her family is incredibly open and loving, anyone who stops by their house will always be welcomed and usually fed. She and her siblings have remained close as they grew up and now are both family and friends all in one!

Roberto’s Family

Dad, Roberto, Mac

All families look a little different. Roberto’s family is small, very loving, and supportive. His family consists of his dad and his brother. His brother is also an adoptee, but he was adopted domestically. They grew up with their Dad who taught them all about travel and the importance of education. His dad lives only an hour away with his partner Joan. We love hiking with them, going to baseball games or a show. Roberto’s family has also started hanging out with Nicole’s family, creating an even bigger family.

Our Family

Between both families, it is a big blanket of love and silliness. Select a picture to open the gallery.