Our Home

We live on a beautiful farm property that includes a pond for fishing, access to woods for exploring and walking, and large lawns all around the house. Our home is quiet and peaceful but also a great place to host our huge family for holidays. There are books in every room and plenty of squishy chairs and couches to crash on, sometimes with the dogs.

It’s time to fill our home with the sounds of a child and fill the back yard with toys. Our neighborhood has so many parks to be explored, including a very large state park. Even though our property is in the country, all our schools are within 3 minutes of our house. We were very lucky to find this place. Full of warmth and love, our home will be an endless place of exploring and fun.

We have been fortunate enough to travel a lot, but no matter where we go, coming home is always the best.

While Nicole is out tending to the chickens and the rest of the farm Roberto can be found in the barn, which he converted into a beautiful photography studio and office for all his editing and printing.