Meet Us

We found each other through an online dating site in 2010 and we have been inseparable ever since. We have built a fun and wacky life together full of adventure, travel, books, and lots of love.

Life, outside of work, consists of playing with our dogs, mountain biking, hanging out with family, cooking together, and a good book or movie on the couch. One of our favorite traditions is checking out all the library book sales in our area throughout the year – so many books!

We are both college educated, creative, adventurous and absolutely dedicated to our family. We are really excited to be adopting and are so happy that you found us, keep reading to learn more!

Relationship Stats:
-Year Met: 2010
-Year Married: 2017
-Typical night: binging Netflix
-Favorite Vacation Spot: Disney World
-Favorite Take-Out: Pizza
-Favorite Country Visited: Scotland
-Favorite Date Night: Exploring book stores

The Gallery

Meet My Wife

This silly, giggly person is my wife, click here to learn more about Nicole.

Meet My Husband

Click here to learn about my affectionate and devoted husband, Roberto.