Meet Nicole

By Roberto

My wife Nicole is a lot of personality in a small package and is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. She is very curious and always looking for something new to learn, explore, or discover. So things are never dull around her. She runs our little backyard farm of eggs, honey bees, and makes maple syrup. Her masters degree in Library Science however, means that she is very good at curling up with a book of any kind and she loves sharing books with others.

She comes from a BIG family – there’s a lot of them and they’re fun, loud, and amazing (did I mention loud?) They instilled in Nicole a deep dedication to family and loved ones. She is a supportive and loving companion and will be a truly wonderful mom.

Fun Facts about Nicole:
1) Nicole loves ALL animals
2) Nicole is vegetarian
3) She lived in London
4) Her Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff
5) Her spirit animal is a badger
6) She randomly hums “Yellow Submarine” while she cooks or works
7) She loves old Abbott & Costello comedies

Nicole’s Album