Meet Roberto

By Nicole

Roberto is a fun and very kind person. He has a special connection with adoption, since he himself is adopted. He is very excited to be an adoptee adopting! He comes from a small, but very devoted family.

When I met him he was quiet and content to live indoors, but he shared my love for books and adventure. Over the years he has adapted to being with me and now he is in love with my big, crazy family. He now enjoys the outdoors and is sometimes vegetarian. Roberto’s true passion in life is photography. Several of his photos have been accepted into galleries around the country.

Roberto is adventurous and open minded to all people and situations. Never have I seen him waver in his support and dedication to our family. I know that he is looking forward to being a dad and is excited to read all the kids books in the world to our child.

Fun Facts:
1) Roberto has an adopted brother who’s bi-racial.
2) He was adopted from Chile
3) He was declared the “worlds best stuffed animal” by our nieces.
4) Once, a random child dressed like a pirate ran up to him and gave him a high five out of nowhere.
5) His spirit animal is a manatee.
6) He can read all 7 Harry Potter books with voices and accents!
7) He loves baking bread (and it’s amazing).

Berto’s Gallery